Since its founding‭, ‬Shana W‭. ‬Interiors‭, ‬a boutique design firm‭, based in Jerusalem, Israel, ‬has quickly gained a reputation for crafting bespoke interiors marked by beautiful textures‭, ‬fresh colors‭, ‬and creative use of space‭.‬

Shana W‭. ‬Interiors takes a thoughtful approach to each individual client‭ ‬and creates a unique design process that suits his or‭ ‬her needs‭. ‬From selecting and managing contractors to working with trusted suppliers‭, ‬each client is sure to find the process engaging‭, ‬individualized and enjoyable‭. ‬

Drawing inspiration from nature‭, ‬fashion and color ‬while listening to the story within the walls and space itself‭, ‬Shana W‭. ‬Interiors will expertly and efficiently handle every detail of your design experience‭, ‬from conception and architectural drawings‭ ‬to final completion‭, ‬in order to create contemporary luxury that balances refined aesthetics with comfort and functionality‭.‬